Represented by Trustee

Dear customers, If you may wish to grant a accredited representative for your account , you should conclude a contract and notarize it by notary office in accordance with article 64.2 of Civil Law. According to “Notary law of Mongolia” that the Notary can be subject as follows:

  • Government office of province /Sum/
  • Diplomat representative or Consular Foreign  countries from Mongolia
  • Head Military Union if  individual is a military officer
  • Head of the Prison if individual is a prisoner

Individuals or entities can bring documents by Securities (broker) companies or personally at MCSD.  Our company will operate securities transaction or currency transaction  in accordance with the right granted by the trustee.


There are two kinds of type of field on each client account in the central securities depository, securities and dividend of money. Therefore, client should clearly must state that following kind of rights to the representative. Such as, open and close the account, rights of voting  for shareholder’s meeting of stock companies, sell securities, receive  a dividend, and withdraw money from the account by signature.


You should bring an official documents from the Mongolian Embassy or the Consular which represent Mongolia if you are in abroad.