The registration of both listed and unlisted financial instruments in the capital market is solely based on the numbering of the instruments. It has been quite a while since Mongolian securities services, including depository, trading, clearing and settlement, have been processed and automated with this international numbering system.

According to the 159th Decree on May 28, 2010 by Financial Regulatory Commission, MSCH&CD Co.,Ltd was assigned to be a National Numbering Agency in Mongolia. Based on the decree, we signed on “ANNA Global Partnership Agreement” with ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agency) on November 25, 2010 and have been a successful partnership with ANNA since then. Joining to ANNA, we are entitled to allocate ISO 6166 or International Securities Identification Numbering system (ISIN codes) and ISO 10962 or Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI codes) developed by International Standardization Organization. We have started to allocate the codes since January 2013 and have been sending ISIN and CFI codes and other related information of the securities to ASB (ANNA Service Bureau) which is a main database of securities of ANNA.

Therefore, our company is working on to improve an internal programming to exchange data with ANNA and other numbering agencies to satisfy our partnership agreement with ANNA.

Pleasee click here  to download Mongolian securities ISIN & CFI code list /as of 2015.08.21/

For more information regarding operations of ANNA, please visit its official website by clicking here.