In case when security holder grants ownership rights to others as gift, fee shall be calculated by multiplying average rate of the stock exchange in last 52 weeks from the transaction date or average rate of overall exchange of the security if there’s no exchange in last 52 weeks, by number of securities transferred by the transaction. Charge of grant transaction service:

Transaction types Charge of percents from total transactions
1 If a grantor is going to give his relatives including his wife or husband, birth and adoptive parents of wife or husband, grandparents, uncle, aunt, siblings, natural and adopted child, grandchildren and their children, as well as son-in-law and daughter-in-law. From Grantor – 5%From Receiver – 5%
2 If a grantor is going to give a citizen or legal entity other than above mentioned. From Grantor – 10%From  Receiver – 10%
3 If Grantor is going to give more than 50 citizens and legal entities/the public shall be informed though media not less than 30 days before signing grant contract. From Grantor – 5%From Receiver – 10%

Necessary documents:

  1. Granting contract in written concluded between parties;
  2. Application and notification of grantor and grantee /by form/
  3. Reference about being relative to grantor from civil registration authority or other documents that proves such connection.
  4. Family name, surname, given name, civil identification card and registration number, residing address and contact address of grantor and grantee /if it’s legal entity, its name, state registration number, location and contact address/, account number of parties;
  5. Type and number of granting security.