Dear costumer you may ensure fulfillment of  liabilities of your or your accredited representative’s for your pledging securities in accordance with Civil Law of Mongolia  and on the basis of the Rule of Registration of rights certified by Securities” rule of our company. The balance of your account should be adequacy for by securities name, kind and amounts for the ensuring fulfillment of liabilities and in the given period of the time, securities shall be given back to the ledger. You should bring following documents for ensuring fulfillment of liabilities;

  1. Request of creditor (cleanser)
  2. 3 copies of a  confirmation Ensuring fulfillment of liabilities for securities which notarized by notary office
  3. Entitlement letter
  4. The Resolution of Directors board or Share Holders meeting if the Company require to pledge its securities
  5. Certified contract of loan or collateral

Based on the above facts, the securities will be separated into the loan collateral until the request for release is issued. Separate securities registration shall be notified to the relevant persons in writing. If the performance of the obligation is not fulfilled, the securities shall be transferred to the obligee’s account by the act and court decision concluded by the parties to the collateralized securities.

Estimation of transaction fees to ensure obligation execution shall be calculated as Article 6 of the “Operating Procedures for Registration of Certified Ownership of Certified Securities”.

If the obligation performance is not fulfilled, the transfer of securities shall be based on the act of the contract and the judicial decision, which shall be the price of the last 52 weeks of trading of securities and the weighted average rate of exchange. “MCSD” LLC is not liable for damages to customers and others due to exchange rate changes.