JP Morgan Chase Bank officially visited to the MCSD


On November 27th of 2017, Mr. Sh.Lkhagva, Executive Director of “Central Securities Depository” LLC, met with Mr. Danny Tan, Executive Director of Global Market Infrastructure of JP Morgan Chase Bank of the USA.



At the meeting, JP Morgan Chase Bank stated that after a long time of due diligence assessment of Mongolian capital market finally in 2017 JP Morgan made a decision to enter our capital market. Further, discussed several topics that international investors look for and need to have clear understandings before making investment decisions. These include:

– How public companies set its dividend payment date,

– Procedures of transferring of the rights of the ownership of government bonds in the primary and secondary markets traded both at the MSE and the Bank of Mongolia,

– Whether the Mongolian securities market is aligned with international standards and best practices, and where are the areas for improvements.

During this visit, as an international global custodian bank JP Morgan Chase Bank, Mr. Danny meeting with other capital market infrastructure and regulatory organization’s management, including Ministry of Finance, Financial regulatory committee, Mongolian central securities depository, Mongolian stock exchange and the Mongolian clearing house.